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What is Dimar: Lost Waters? It's a novel. Dee Dreslough wrote it. It took a long time. Some folks say it's a good novel, and should have been published. Dee agrees. :)

What does it mean that Dimar: Lost Waters is in the public domain? It means that it's no longer solely Dee's property. She gave up her copyright on it and placed it into the public domain, like the works of Shakespeare, the Constitution and other works published before 1818 or thereabouts. This is so people could use it, write spin-off stories, draw pictures based on the ideas in it -- whatever -- without fear of getting sued. IT BELONGS TO EVERYONE - including you. So, you can read the whole book for free on the 'net. You can print it out, too, and even sell copies that you print out if you like. It's yours. It's mine. It's everyone's.

But, ya still gotta pay Dee if you want a signed copy of the book from her. :) Each book ordered directly from Dee comes with a little Dimar doodle in it too.

Lost Waters - $8.50 each for USA customers!
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Can't Afford to buy the book? No problem! It's available online, here:

The Very Free Online Public Domain Web Version of The Book! :)



Dimar: Lost Waters IS AVAILABLE in paperback form from now. (First it was with Great Unpublished, then they got eaten by BookSurge, and then Amazon ate Booksurge. I guess that's how they roll in teh Amazon. :)

Can't Afford the Book? Just read the FREE WEB VERSION here!

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That's all for now... Love y'all! Keep in touch... :)

  This web page is dedicated to all the people out there who understand sharing, and the need for the public domain -- especially in creative matters such as fiction, fan fiction and artwork.